Old School
Butcher Shop
& Grocery


Bare Bones Butcher is a small, upscale Butcher Shop coming to 'the Nations' in Nashville



While first and foremost Bare Bones Butcher is a whole animal butcher shop, we welcome all types of eaters, from timid to adventurous, and carnivore to vegan. We offer local produce, regional cheeses, carefully procured pantry items and a moderate selection of beverages for you to enjoy.


Our goal at Bare Bones Butcher is to better the lives of our customers by offering superior quality foods, excellent service and a friendly environment in which it all can be enjoyed.

Our goal:



ON A MISSION to both improve our quality of eating and support our local economy, Bare Bones Butcher sells locally-selected and regionally-procured products. 



We look forward to serving you and we can't wait to meat you.