A small butcher shop and grocery, Bare Bones Butcher has everything you need to make a simple meal. 

From meat, cheese and fresh produce to olive oils, vinegars and spices, we provide the necessities; all you need is an open mind, a kitchen...and maybe a cast-iron skillet.

Even if you feel uncertain, our experienced staff has the knowledge and know-how to help you pull together a meal that is sure to satisfy.

Stop by and shop with us. We'll help you cook something delicious.




First and foremost, Bare Bones is a whole animal butcher shop.

All of our meat (and our produce, for that matter) is sourced from beautiful, green farms that are within 60 miles of our shop. Committed to finding product that meets our high standards, we visited each one of the farms that we use to make sure their practices match up with ours.

Because of that, we are incredibly proud of the product we have to offer.

All of our animals are raised on pasture with plenty of access to green grass, blue skies and fresh air. We offer grass-fed beef, grain-finished beef and heritage pork year round. In addition to desirable cuts of meat, we also offer sausages, deli meats, forced meats, stocks and more -- all of which are made in house.

During the warmer months when they are in season, we also sell fresh chicken and lamb.

Want to learn more about where we source our products?



Small Grocery

Olive Oil. Crackers. Brown Sugar. Vinegar. Eggs. Kosher Salt. Honey. Mayonnaise. Canned Tomatoes. Spices. Local Produce. Jams & Jellies. Milk. T-Shirts. Mustard. Potato Chips. drinks. Ketchup. Cheese.

Whatever you need to make dinner, we've got your back. Take a look at what's in our market.