The Tennesseean Spills the Beans about Bare Bones Butcher

Wesley Adams & Patrick Davidson | Bare Bones BUtcher

It's always exciting to see your name (or your business's name!) in print, but we were totally blown away with The Tennesseean's exclusive about our small butcher shop and grocery opening this Fall.

We couldn't be more excited to get back into the neighborhood that became our home between 2014 and 2016--the Sylvan Park, Sylvan Heights and Nations area--and we're so grateful that the Tennesseean aided us in letting everybody know!

‘We really wanted to be located in a spot that was a walkable neighborhood that people could get to on a regular basis with customers living in the surrounding area,’ said Wesley Adams...
— The Tennesseean

Thanks to The Tennesseean for giving Nashville the head's up that we're coming. We can't wait to be back in our 'hood.

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